About Us

Cape Cod Youth Flag Football League

2019 Spring Season Playoffs

Sunday 6/9
Time Fld
G1 11:00 Eagles (3) vs Panthers (6) 1 1st Rd
G2 11:00 Raiders (4)  vs Chiefs (5) 2 1st Rd
G11 1:00 W G1 vs Patriots (1) 3 Semi Final
G12 1:00 W G2 vs Steelers (2) 4 Semi Final
G3 11:00 Panthers (2) vs Eagles (7) 3 1st Rd
G4 11:00 Patriots (3) vs Chiefs (6) 4 1st Rd
G5 12:00 Raiders (1) vs 49ers (8) 1 1st Rd
G6 12:00 Browns (4)  vs Steelers (5) 2 1st Rd
G7 12:00 Eagles (3) vs Raiders (6) 3 1st Rd
G8 12:00 Chiefs (4) vs Steelers (5) 4 1st Rd
G9 1:00 Browns (1) vs 49ers (8) 1 1st Rd
G10 1:00 Patriots (2) vs Panthers (7) 2 1st Rd
Sunday 6/16
G17 12:00 Steelers vs Patriots 1 Super Bowl
G13 11:00 Panthers vs Patriots 1 Semi Final
G14 11:00 Browns vs Raiders 2 Semi Final
G18 1:00 W G13 vs W G14 1 Super Bowl
G15 12:00 Eagles vs Patriots 2 Semi Final
G16 12:00 Steelers vs Browns 3 Semi Final
G19 2:00 W G15 vs W G16 1 Super Bowl
  • Non-contact version of football
  • Member of the NFL Flag Program
  • Official NFL Flag Football Rules
  • Family atmosphere in a positive environment
  • 10 Week Season (April – June)
  • Games at Barnstable High School
  • Game Days are on Sunday (No mandatory practices)
  • Games played between 11am and 3pm (Schedules to be released in March)
  • Players receive an Official NFL Flag Jersey and Flag Belt

Cape Cod Youth Flag Football is an NFL Flag League based in Barnstable Massachusetts. CCYFFL is for BOYS & GIRLS, Kindergarten thru 8th Grade and is open to players of all abilities. Our goal is for the players in the league to have FUN while learning some of the basics of football, team work and sportsmanship in a safe atmosphere.

Flag Football

This is a non-contact version of football where young players can learn and develop passing, catching and defending skills, while greatly decreasing the potential for injury associated with other contact sports.

  • Proud Member of the NFL Flag Program
  • We play by the Official NFL Flag Football Rules
  • Games are officiated by Certified Referees
  • Family atmosphere in a positive environment

Our Goals:

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and positive sports alternative for our community’s youth and their families.
Our goal is NOT to deter any players from playing traditional football. In fact, we encourage playing if it is something that players/parents are considering.

We encourage:

  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Community Relationships


Flag Football a fast-paced game in a non-contact environment where kids not only learn some of the fundamentals of football but also the perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship that helps in the process of developing young adults.